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When the two girls split up, he kidnaps Mandy and takes her to a generic TV movie warehouse, complete with graffiti and random pieces of trash here and there that will prove useful to the plot.

John lures Kaley and Mandy to the skate park after dark, making them think they're meeting Nick there.There is no doubt that this topic will prove to be both entertaining and educational.So, sit tight and don’t turn away as we delve into it, beginning with the topic of Jamie Luner’s bio.See Also: Audrey Esparza’s Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Measurements, Married Jamie Luner’s bio would be grossly incomplete if we did not mention the fact that the star was born on May 12, 1971, in Palo Alto, California to Susan and Stuart Lunar.

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Susan was an actress while Stuart was a sales representative, the two raised Jamie and her older brother in the Jewish faith.

The star came into the limelight when she made appearances on several shows.